Holocaust Museum Houston

The Holocaust Museum Houston is the fourth largest holocaust memorial in the United States. It aims to remind everyone about the Nazi horror and its hatred and violence as well as the dangers that are still relevant today. The innocent victims of the said tragic event are also commemorated in the museum. Generally, the museum gives an impression that humankind must live together in peace and harmony. Visiting the Holocaust Museum Houston would be a great opportunity for families to learn about the history of the Nazi horror and see several significant tools and instruments used in the period.

The Boniuk Library holds more than 5,000 volumes on the Holocaust, post-Holocaust era, Jewish history and World War I and II. You can also find vast number of authentic artifacts, photographs and film reels that gives a glimpse of the experiences of the Holocaust survivors, witnesses and a member of the Hitler Youth. All these are documented in more than 250 recorded testimonies. The museum also holds exhibits including ‘Bearing Witness: A community remembers’ which is a testimony of a survivor in the Houston area. The ‘Final Solution’ features authentic film footage, photographs and documents of the Nazi propaganda. Aside from exhibitions, the museum also includes the Eric Alexander Garden of Hope which is dedicated to more than one million children killed during the Holocaust. New additions in the museum include a 1942 German Holocaust-era railcar which was used to carry millions of victims to their death.

The Holocaust Museum Houston is located at 5401 Caroline St., Museum District, Houston. You can visit them every Mondays through Fridays from 9am to 5pm or every Saturdays through Sundays from noon to 5pm. Visit them online to get a glimpse of what the museum has to offer or you can call them at (713) 942-8000 for additional information or inquiries. The Holocaust Museum Houston is definitely a great destination for families to create a memorable vacation getaway.