San Jacinto Museum of History

The San Jacinto Museum of History is situated inside the base of the 570-foot-tall San Jacinto Monument. The monument itself stands on the site of the final battle of the Texas Revolution of 1836 where Sam Houston triumphed over General Antonio López de Santa Anna. Visitors can also venture into the observation deck where they can get a breathtaking view of Houston, the Houston Ship Channel and the USS Texas. Take a good look at the monument and you will be fascinated because it is made of 100-million-year-old Cordova shellstone quarried north of Austin. Aside from that, a 35-foot-tall star weighing 200 tons rests on the top of the monument.  Visiting the monument and museum would be an educational and fun-filled experience for everyone in the family.


The San Jacinto Museum of History would be a great start for families who want to get to know more about Houston, its culture and history. Numerous exhibits and displays are found inside the museum depicting significant events of the Texas Revolution and the Republic of Texas. You will also find interesting collection and exhibits about Texan culture including Mayan, Spanish and Mexican influences as well as prominent figures in Texas history. A 35-minute movie titled ‘Texas Forever!! The Battle of San Jacinto’ shown in the Jesse H. Jones Theater for Texas Studies is also presented for visitors to get a glimpse of Texas history.

Visit the San Jacinto Museum of History located at One Monument Circle, Houston, Texas. Admission is $5 for the museum special exhibits, $4 for the observation deck, $4.50 for Texas Forever! and $1 for entrance fee. They are open daily from 9:00am to 6:00pm. You can call them at 281/479-2421 or visit them online for more information and inquiries. Don’t miss to take a memorable and fascinating getaway with your family, visit the San Jacinto Museum of History!