Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is located 70 to 115 miles off the coasts of Louisiana and Texas. It is a sanctuary of marine life that covers underwater communities that is situated above underwater mountains known as salt domes. There you can find brightly colored sponges, and marine plants as well as marine life. You can see them even you are onboard your boat.

Over a hundred miles from the coast, right at the center of the Gulf of Mexico, explore the wonders of marine community and observe underwater plants and animals as you satisfy your curiosity and love for adventure. Marine life is one of the mysterious features of the world, with the Flower Garden Banks National Marine, experience this mystery and be captivated by several rare marine animals life manta rays, coral heads and whale sharks as large as trucks. Aside from that, witness the life of different kinds of fishes and invertebrates as you explore the sanctuary.

Begin your journey to the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary from 4700 Avenue U, Building 216, Galveston, Texas. You may call 409-621-5151 or 409-621-1316 for more information and arrangements. You can take your own private boat to the sanctuary but with certain limitations and serious warnings. There are commercial dive and fishing charter operators that you can make an arrangement with. They take people on tour around the sanctuary and the surrounding oil and gas platforms. For more information visit their website and have a preview of this exciting marine sanctuary adventure.