Allen’s Landing

In 1836, sometime in August, the Allen brothers namely John Kirby and Augustus Chapman from New York settled just along the Banks of Buffalo Bayou. That was some few months following the liberation of the Republic of Texas from Mexico. It was the birth of Allen’s Landing together with the town itself. University of Houston is just right on Allen’s Landing.

After series of reconstruction and renovation, Allen’s Landing features different attractions and landmarks such as a walkway, a wharf, a promenade and a patio where you can see the Buffalo Bayou. On special days, especially during spring, festivals are being celebrated which have more things to do when it comes to entertainment and activities. Dragon boat race is being held during spring festival. Aside from that, you can have a great dining experience which serves some special Asian cuisine.

You can enjoy their amenities which are prepared for visitors. You can occupy benches on the best spot you want to stay. The place is clean as they have well-place trash receptacles. They have drinking fountains, bike rack and colorful lights. You might as well expect more renovations and improvements in Allen’s Landing. Visit their website for additional information. Here is a summary of Allen’s Landing’s great attractions:

Concrete-paved wharf specially made to replicate the original port
An invigorating Promenade
Terrace Overlooking the Buffalo bayou
Public Artwork
Terraced Grass Lawn