Sesquicentennial Park

Your Houston trip would never be complete without going to Sesquicentennial Park in downtown Houston. Since 1989 it served as a commemoration of the 150th year anniversary of the founding of Houston and Texas in 1986. The park is established along the Buffalo Bayou and provides for a great place for families to spend a relaxing and memorable day together.

The biggest attraction in Sesquicentennial Park is the “Seven Wonder”, which is a set of seven pillars illuminated from the inside which is a product of mind by Mel Chin. There are other several attractions like the displays of sculptures by the local artists in Houston. Works of Dean Ruck can also be found in the park including “The Big Bubble”, “Site Seeing” and “Sounds from the Past”.

There are also other things to do in Sesquicentennial Park as it is not just a place for exhibitions but also a fabulous site for outdoor activities of different kinds. There are wet events like the Buffalo Bayou Regatta and concerts in specific special schedules. So you don’t want to miss the great things in the park. Share with the founding celebration of the Houston and Texas as you visit this wonderful place of memories and entertainment.