Minute Maid Park

Visit and watch a game in the Minute Maid Park, a well-known baseball stadium with a modern-but-retro design with a retractable roof and a powerful air conditioning system that overpowers Houston’s typical active weather change. If you want to experience the excitement on a higher ground with a view of the city, try the upper-deck seat on the first base side which gives you a perfect view of downtown Houston.

Houston’s 1911 Union Station which is a chain of stores and eateries as well as the location of the ball club offices in incorporated in the Minute Maid Park. If you want a posh accommodation in the stadium, try out the Union Station’s rooftop as it gives you a bird’s eye view of the lot of place. This will surely be a stunning experience for you and your family.

The Minute Maid Park is located at 501 Crawford St., Downtown Houston, Texas. You can call (713) 259-8000 for reservations or inquiries. You may also long on to their website for more detailed information and schedules of tours and events. A $9 charge is not too much for a very nice tour around the Minute Maid Park.