Samuel May Williams House

Formerly, the Samuel May Williams House is a well-known museum in Galveston, Texas. It is in fact the second oldest house in the town. In 1839, the house was built in favor of Samuel May Williams as one of the fathers of Galveston. The house was preassembled in Maine and constructed 2.1 meters above the ground. Williams placed a telescope at the top of the house on a cupola in order to see cargo ships and will be the one to learn first what the cargos are.

The house was sold to the Tuckers after Williams’ death and since then settled there until 1953. Later, the Galveston Historic Foundation purchased the house and established their first project. In 1959, the house was opened for public as a museum.  The house was restored to its former glory when it was during the lifetime of Williams. The house was reconstructed to its former appearance as it was in 1854. Later as the museum was no longer maintained, although still in operation, after the passage of time, the house was made a new landscape with added outdoor pavilion. Around the house you can see varieties of perennials and shrubs.

After three years of renovation and landscaping, the museum eventually closed and the house was refurnished in the manner pleasing to visitors and consequently, thousands are more coming every year to see the historic Samuel May Williams House as not just a bank of riches in terms of history but as an honor to one of the founders of Galveston and the story of the past of Galveston.