Sam Houston Park

Nichols-Rice-Cherry House at the Sam Houston Park

Sam Houston Park is Houston’s first and oldest municipal park and features nine remarkable historic structures and a museum gallery. It is conveniently located in downtown Houston and can easily be accessed by visitors in town. If you want to see a glimpse of what Houston was like in the 1900s, witness some of its grandiose historic homes as well as the different artifacts housed in it.

Visiting the Sam Houston Park would be a great experience for everyone in the family. You will know all about the Heritage Society founded by significant Houstonian figures including Sam Houston in 1954. The Society served to preserve the community by restoring several historic structures. They also made exhibitions of historical artifacts and presentation of educational programs focusing on Houston’s history. The Sam Houston Park also includes Houston’s oldest standing brick structure, the Kellum-Noble House which is amazingly still on its original foundation. Aside from that, the park also features the Heritage Society Museum dedicated to preserving Houston’s colorful history.

There are still several historic homes and structures located in the park including the Nichols-Rice Cherry House, The Old Place, Fourth Ward Cottage, Pilot House, Yates House, St. John Church, Staiti House and a whole lot more. If you are travelling to Houston, don’t miss the chance to visit Sam Houston Park for a memorable Houston getaway. You can visit them at 1100 Bagby St., Downtown Houston. Admission fee is $6 to take a tour to the historic structures. You can visit them online or call them at 713/655-1912 for more information and other inquiries. Visit Sam Houston Park and enjoy a fascinating and educational historical ride with your family.