Moody Mansion

Beautifully restored to its former grandeur, the Moody Mansion shows off a rich history and lively atmosphere of the 19th century since its completion in 1895. It has 20 rooms all in all in a 4-story structure for everyone to visit and the entire area covers up to 28,000 square foot. The entire house shows what life was like during the period and also symbolizes the powerful and prominent life in Texas. The Moodys made a name as one of the highly revered American figure.

The home belongs to W.L. Moody, Jr. after it bought the same from the descendants of the original owners following the devastating hurricane in 1900. Since then, the Moodys settled in the house and it has been their dwelling until 1986. For that length of time, the house was furnished with the personal items of the family. You can see objects prominent during the late 1800’s and artifacts and effects of the family since they have occupied the house.

What is more attractive about the Moody Mansion is its structural features which are symbolic of the period it was built. The coffered ceilings incessantly capture the attention of guests as well as the authentic furnishings and elaborate woodwork that truly stun everyone who’s been in the house for a tour. If you decide to take the chance to see a great wonder in Galveston, call 409-762-7668 or 409-765-9770 for arrangements or you may visit the place at 2618 Broadway, Galveston, Texas.