The Bishop’s Palace

A historic house in Galveston made in a well-designed Victorian style and considered as one of the most significant structures in the United States, it is The Bishop’s Palace. It is also known as Gresham’s Castle located at 1402 Broadway, Galveston, Texas. It is one of the symbols of the well-known Victorian style buildings in the United States.

Being considered as Galveston’s majestic and most renowned building, the Bishop’s Palace has established such a reputation with proofs of its grandeur such as having been ornamented with marvelous stained-glass windows, fireplaces originating from different sides of the world which is believed to be decorated with silver, also furnishings and artifacts of high historic value and ornate stones which will surely make you feel in awe as well as its extremely rare woods and bronze dragons.

Since 1880’s, The Bishop’s Palace has already been standing with a grandiose look as made by architect Nicholas Clayton for lawyer-politician Walter Gresham. Since 1923 it was used as a bishop’s residence after it was sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Galveston. It was in 1963 that the church made the house open for public. For more detailed information you may call the Bishop’s Palace through (409) 762-2475 or log on to their website for a preview.