Ashton Villa

Ashton Villa is one of the renowned historic homes in Galveston, Texas. If you are up to historical sites and eager to experience history in beautifully furnished homes with periodic artifacts and furnishings, Galveston is one good place for you to pay a visit. Reconstruct history with this over a century-old home at the corner of 23rd and Broadway in Galveston.

Since 1859, the house is already the symbol of artistic Victorian Italianate style with well-designed verandas and long elegant windows with the house’s significant brick construction with walls as thick as 13 inches. The house is said to have been built by slave labor with the help of skilled craftsmen from Europe. Designs and furnishings in the period when the house was built are prominent and these are highly featured in the Ashton Villa. This will surely be a time travel for you and your family as the setting gives you a glimpse of how life went on during the late 19thcentury as well as the social and cultural living of the people at that time.

The whole set up reflects the generations that the house has already lived as well as the lives it has witnessed for over a century. For more information about the Ashton Villa call (409) 762-3933 or visit their website for images and detailed info.