ArtCar Museum

If you are into arts and history, the ArtCar Museum is the right place for you to visit. Bring your friends and family as you will not just get entertained by their interactive exhibits but you will also learn from them. So aside from entertainment and marvel, basically education is their primary goal especially on the field of politics, economics and personal aspects of art. The museum displays rare collections of art cars, artists and fine arts which are can hardly be seen in other cultural centers.

Since 1988, the ArtCar Museum, also known as “Garage Mahal” has been serving its interested visitors. Its main focus lies on fine arts, different artists and rare art cars and other collections. The museum was established by Ann Harithas, a known artist and supporter of the Arc Car movement, together with James Harithas who is previously the director of the Corcoran Museum in Washington DC, as well as the Everson Museum of Art, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and Syracuse in New York and the present director of the Station Museum in Houston, Texas. The principal showcase of the museum is the highly featured post-modern age of car-culture, which artists recreates their imagination and visions of their own idiosyncrasy on stock cars. Aside from that, the museum presents mobile contraptions, lowriders, and other elaborate art cars among other exhibitions promoted by national, international and local artists. Visit them online or call them at (713)861-5526 for more information or inquiries.