Moody Gardens

Have a great time in Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas. It is a multipurpose facility and a center of education located within pastel-colored glass pyramids. The Moody Gardens accommodate the highly featured attraction, the 13-story Aquarium Pyramid housing various marine life forms from four differing oceans inside tanks and touch pools. Outside the gardens, you can see Palm Beach, a white-sand beach, beautiful landscapes, artificial lagoons, and waterslide for kids.

You can also marvel at the Rainforest Pyramid which stretches up to 40,000 square feet of tropical habitat where you can see exotic plants and some interesting animals. Added to that is the Discovery Pyramid where you can see 40 exhibits showing NASA’s achievements and discoveries. All these exhibits are interactive so you will have a great time having fun. Aside from that, you can have so much fun in the two IMAX theaters since one of these theaters offers a space adventure ride.

Visit this wonderful place for your family especially for kids. It is located at 1 Hope Boulevard, Galveston, Texas, so you can immediately go to the near white-sand beaches around Galveston. Call 800/582-4673 for more information or arrangements or visit their website for more details.